GLASS AND ALUMINIUM PRODUCTS. Out of South Africa, and into Africa, no destination too far, no project too small

Gap was established in 2006 by Mr. G J Radloff after years of experience in the vast field of
Aluminium world. Mr. Radloff is also qualified as an Architectural Designer.

We offer expertise in Aluminium Architectural finishes.

" Hulabond cladding
" Aluminium Louvres
" Shopfronts
" Domestic windows
" FP150 panels
" Spider and loop fittings
" Curtainwall systems
" Column cladding
" Glass handrails/ skylights

We do projects across the borders of RSA

" Botswana
" Angola
" Tanzania
" Congo
" Malawi

The expertise includes sustainable building designs with innovative proposals regarding
the innovative designs of our time.

We regularly use Hulabond composite panels .
These panels consists of 2 sheets of aluminium bonded to a 3mm polyethylene core with two .05
aluminium skins which provide great rigidity at the fraction of the weight and ensure superior surface

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